How financial donations help?

  • Robot Materials

  • Shop supplies

    • We purchase over $500 per season in wood matierals. We use this to build our seasons field elements so we can practice what we do at the tournament at our shop.
    • We purchase over $2500 in metal supplies each season. Our team custom makes our own chassis and structure of our robots each year.
  • Additional Expenses

    • Since our team is made up of teenagers, we go through a ton of food! Our families dontate food for our team meals and snacks, but more is never turned away!
    • We spend approximatly $200 each tournament on printed brochures, handouts and posters.

How can you help support our team?

  • If you have any type of supplies, alumium, wood, shop supplies, or even food (these kids can eat tons of food) contact us.
  • Mentor Support : If you are expeireienced in Science, Engineering, machineing, electrical design...or anything, please consider donating your time to help us learn more.
  • Financial Support is greatly appreciated!