• Boys & Girls Club

    The Highlanders run a Boys and Girls Club Lego Robotics team each year!
  • 2013-Aerial Assist

    For our 2nd year took it by force! We had a great season and earned our way back to the World Championships. Check out our season re-cap!
  • Want to see our Shop?

    Check our our amazing shop!

    Not only do we have an amazing team, but we have an awesome shop! check it out!
  • Boy Scoutssh

    We have visited 3 Boy Scouts teams and participated at the Boys Scouts adventure days!
  • 2016 - Stronghold

    What a great season. We made a tough defense breaking and high tower catapolt!
  • How do we support the community?

    Community Involvement

    Check out what we have done in our community and what we will do next!
  • Meet our Team

    For the 2015 we had a team of 23 team members, since then several have graduated and moved on to College. We are excited for them, and excited for new team members too!!
  • Meet our Mentors

    Check out the mentors who help, support and encourage us. We couldn't do this with out their help!
  • Interested in joining the team?

    Contact Us

    If you are interested in joining the team or just want to stop by and see us let us know, we would enjoy showing our robots and shop to you!

UpComing Events

  • Summer Camps

    Check out our up-coming summer camps